Trainer Guy is off to conquer the world!

Trainer Guy and his brother, Nicolai, are going to Obstacle Course Racing World Champs in Canada in October 2016 (think ‘mud run’ but on steroids) and they need some financial support to get there, and eat something, and sleep somewhere… If you would like to help them fulfill their dream then please check out or Trainer Guy’s facebook page: OCR Træning – Michael Schjøtt. Just to clarify that they offer some pay backs for your generous support, one in particular is ‘mand kram’ which means something like a bear hug with a pat on the back. I am very happy to collect these particular paybacks for you and get them to you at some later stage (maybe) if you can’t get to Denmark to collect yourself. Very, very happy to do that. Sigh, smiley happy face, dribble. Just saying, I’m happy to support the team! I like to be helpful. And I like hugs. Especially from fit young fellas in form fitting Skins gear. More sighs, happier smiley face, dribble is getting a bit messy…

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