SmartFart in residence!

Frances 1
This is me. My mother used to proudly call us smart farts if we achieved anything, academic or otherwise, and so I have stolen her term of endearment for this blog. I’m very proud to be a smart fart! And I am a very clever smart fart! I like to write about situations that happen in my everyday life. I love to laugh and I tend to see silliness in everyday things.
At the moment I live in Denmark, but I come from New Zealand. I have a number of degrees that cover a bunch of sciences. I’ve always loved to be silly and to tell stories, sometimes about science topics, often just about the craziness that normal people get themselves into. I tend to get bored quite easily, and so I look around for comic relief and mischief… This blog is for me mainly. Ever since school I have fancied the idea that I could communicate via written language, but I have never tested it further. I want to attempt to record some happenings and stories, for my and your entertainment. There may be some comments on my fitness journey experiences, on my memories of growing up, on learning Danish, on my travels, on food, on dating, on teaching… and what ever other weirdness pops into my brain as I go about my everyday life. These comments may not be entirely accurate, because the purpose of my stories is to entertain.
At the moment this blog site is a bit sad and boring, but I hope to zhuzh it up a bit over the coming few weeks. If you find anything that I have written remotely entertaining, then I will feel happy.